Holistic Dentistry

Promotes a patient’s entire well-being through oral health. An alternative view to general dentistry, holistic dentistry emphasizes the importance of non-toxic materials, low dosage X-ray imaging, and non-surgical treatments for gum disease.

Oral health can reveal important information about the general health of a patient. Diseases in the mouth, gums and jaw bones can contribute to nutritional deficiencies, infection, diabetes and stress. Holistic dentistry does not replace quality dental care; it merely complements the traditional techniques and high quality of service that Dr. Felton provides to his patients.

Non-Toxic Dental Materials

Dentists restore teeth back to health with the use of materials that will remain strong and last long. However, holistic dentists have raised concern over the common use of mercury in dental fillings. Mercury and other toxic materials pose potential health hazards to patients, especially children or those who are pregnant. Mercury amalgams can also increase the risk of tooth loss, as the material expands and contracts, allowing dangerous bacteria to enter into a tooth. Bacteria in a tooth can cause cavities, cracks in teeth, pain, sensitivity, a need for root canal treatment, or even loss of teeth.

We only use mercury-free fillings in our office as well as porcelain inlays, on-lays and crowns. These materials are both safe and strong, allowing the tooth to be brought back to health while maintaining strength and beauty.

Gum Disease and Your Health

Patients who have gum disease have been prone to be at higher risk for other health problems such as stroke and heart disease, and pregnant women with gum disease are seven times more likely to give birth to premature babies. If a patient presents with gum disease, it can usually be treated without surgery. Many patients are relieved to hear of our state of the art dental laser which allows us to treat bacterial infections in the gums quickly and painlessly. We also incorporate all natural nutritional supplements and herbal mouth rinses to improve the health of gums.

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